Golf Tips for Beginner and High Handicappers

APPAREL AND EQUIPMENT: Golf Tips on golf clubs partly focus on fitting shaft flex, shaft length, club head lie and loft and grips for men, women, and kids with various swing speeds and swing tempos. Some tips also look at the best clubs to carry based on your skill level and the course you are playing. Finally, some focus on where to get clubs at the best price and availability.

Other information beginners and high handicappers can get on equipment and apparel includes a variety of things. You can find out the proper golf attire for different climates including winter golf. You can learn ways to shop for affordable apparel. You can learn how to take care of your equipment and apparel. You can learn about gadgets and training aids to improve your golf game.

GOLF FITNESS: One key to many of the golf tips that you will receive is that you have to be physically capable of pulling them off. This requires you to be in golf shape. So the fitness tips are normally divided into exercises for different segments of the swing or different body part involved in the golf swing. So for example, doing a search on exercises to increase your balance on the downswing or how to help you maintain your posture would yield you to informative results.

GOLF RULES AND ETIQUETTE: Don’t overlook the important of knowing the rules and etiquette. The rules will save you from incurring penalty strokes for rule violations. Additionally, knowing the rules will allow you to know all of your options when playing drops from hazards and/or finding yourself in other unfavorable situations. Search for these golf tips by searching for rules pertaining to common situations first. Examples would be to look for rules for movable objects, playing out of the sand, playing from a lateral hazard, etc…

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