Look Cool With A Unique Divot Tool

Of all the divot tools on the market today, my favorite is the switchblade type. Not only do they look cooler when you go to use them, but they also don’t poke holes in your shorts or the pockets of your golf bag. Below are just a few of my favorites:

Switchblade Divot Tool W/ Ball Marker

This is one of the best looking ones out there!

Sherpashaw USA Divot Tool and Marker

Sherpashaw makes a nice patriotic divot tool and marker!

GreenBuddy Switchblade Action Divot Repair Tool/Club Prop/Groove Cleaner With Magnetic Ball Marker

This one’s a bit plainer, but it still gets the job done nicely!

Of course, if you prefer divot tools that are always open…

NFL Officially Licensed Divot Tool with 3 Markers Pittsburgh Steelers

Want to show your NFL spirit even while out on the links?
Team Golf has a divot tool and marker for nearly every NFL team!

Tattoo Golf Ladies Divot Tool with Pink Magnetic Ball Marker

And it just wouldn’t be right to leave the ladies out, so I found a really nice skull on a pink background. Nothing says I’m crushing it better than a skull on a pink background!


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