9 Golf Tips For Every Part of Your Game

By Max X. Johnson

Are you looking for golf tips for every part of your golf game? If so, then you are in the right place. We are going to give you 3 golf tips on how to hit better drives, 3 golf tips on how to hit better irons and 3 golf tips on how to hit better chip shots.

3 Golf Tips on How to Hit Better Drives

Everyone is in love with the fact of trying to get as much distance as they can from their driver. Some players are even obsessed to the point, it hurts their scores. A test with tour players was done years ago on this subject. They had them hit their drive. If it was in the fairway, fine. If it was in the rough, they had them play that ball. In addition, they put in play another ball that was in the fairway but thirty yards behind their tee shot in the rough. Believe it or not, these players scored better from the fairway thirty yards behind the original ball in the rough! That proves how important hitting it in the fairway is for all of us. Here is how you can hit better drives:

1. Make sure your ball position is correct. Many amateurs play their driver to far forward in their stance in an attempt to help the ball in the air.

2. Use a full swing but only swing 80%. This means if a full swing is normally 100mph then you are looking to stay in balance and swing at 80mph.

3. Make sure that you have the correct shaft in your driver. Many players have pre-conceived ideas that they need to hit a certain flex shaft. I would make my decision more strictly based on the ball flight.


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