The Only Two Types of Golf Bags You’ll Ever Need

Types_of_Golf_BagsThere are really only two types of golf bags, carry bags, and cart bags. Carry bags, like the name suggests, are designed to be carried throughout the course. They are lighter weight bags with fewer bells and whistles, and normally come with a shoulder strap and possibly some extra padding to make carrying them more comfortable. Cart bags are designed to ride on the back of the cart, where they will most likely reside throughout your entire round. They are much heavier bags, however, they make up for the extra weight by having numerous extra pockets for all of your gear.

Carry Bags

When most people think of carry bags, they think of “stand bags” or bags designed to be carried that have legs attached to them. The legs allow you to place the bag on the ground and keep it upright, and they retract when you are carrying the bag. Stand bags are very lightweight, usually 5lbs or less, although some will weigh more depending on their features. While there are single-strap models available, most people tend to opt for the double-strap kind. Double-straps distribute the weight evenly and cause less stress on the shoulders and back than the single-strap models. Regardless of the number of straps, they should come with decent padding on the shoulder straps, and possibly some extra padding in the hip area so as to be more comfortable while walking. Speaking of walking, carrying a golf bag around the course during a round of golf can be very strenuous, so make sure you are in good health and try the bag on before you buy it to make sure that it fits well. You want to be as comfortable as possible walking around the back nine.

Stand bags can also serve as cart bags, just make sure that you are careful strapping the bag into the golf cart or pull cart, you don’t want to damage the legs. Keep in mind also, that you will have a harder time reaching the pockets of a carry bag once it is strapped into the cart so plan accordingly.

The other type of carry bag is the “Sunday Bag”. These bags are extremely minimalist in nature, often being nothing more than a padded rucksack for your clubs. They have one or two interior sections for the clubs, and usually one or two small pockets for your golf balls and tees. They are especially useful for playing executive courses, where the yardage is less and you can get away with only a couple of irons, your driver, and your putter. Which is essentially all the room you will have in an actual Sunday Bag.

Cart Bags

Around 50% of all golfers prefer to walk the course, the others prefer to drive. For the drivers, we have the cart bags. Bigger, badder, and bolder than their lightweight counterparts, cart bags run the gamut from smaller ones designed for pull carts, to medium sized ones that are perfect for the back of a golf cart, to the Cadillac of all bags, the staff bag. Staff bags are sometimes called a tour bag because these bags are often seen being used by tour professionals, (who have their own caddies by the way), a staff bag can fit everything you need and more, (and weigh correspondingly). The only thing unlikely to fit inside it is your wallet, because you won’t be needing it after you’ve paid for this gorgeous piece of leather.

Keep in mind that normal cart bags are about twice as heavy as carry bags. They’re generally made out of sturdier materials than carry bags, and they have more pockets than their carry brothers so you can hold a lot more. They will often have specialized compartments as well, insulated coolers, a valuables pocket, (keeps them dry and scratch free), and even a spot for your umbrella. Because they are heavier than carry bags, it’s a good idea to invest in a pull cart so that you aren’t trying to lug them to and from the practice range or pro shop. Be careful when picking them up as well, a fully-loaded cart bag weighs quite a bit!

One of the nicest things about cart bags is that they are specifically designed for easy access to the pockets while being strapped to a cart.


Cart bags are great if you never plan on walking the course. You can fit most anything in them and they have enough room to bring along all of your gadgets, some cold beverages, and of course, a full regulation set of clubs. If you want to go all out and impress your friends, the staff bag is the best cart bag money can buy. Just be sure to have a nice burly caddy standing by to help you with it.

Stand bags are some of the most popular carry type bags around, and for good reason. As technology continues to improve, the weight of the bag has come down, the comfort level has escalated, and the maximum storage amount has increased. The price is less than your typical cart bag, and although you can’t reach the pockets quite as well when it’s strapped to the back of a cart, the versatility and ease of carrying it makes it a great choice.

No matter which bag you buy, I hope enjoy your time out on the course!


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